About Saw Salon

From tresses to business, Edwin Saw – founder of Saw Salon – is no stranger to the hairstyling industry. At a young age, he left Malaysia for London, United Kingdom to pursue a career in hairdressing – starting from scratch. After completing hairdressing courses there, he began training with notable hairstylists as a way to sharpen his skills in a practical setting.

During his 22-year tenure in London, Saw had worked hard to make a name for himself and gained a following there. With his flair and penchant for hairstyling, Saw was also nominated as London’s Hairstylist of The Year for three years in a row.

He worked as an Artistic Director at the acclaimed MichaelJohn London in Mayfair for 12 years.

Throughout his career in London, he had left his mark of excellence on both star-studded manes and the everyday man/woman alike.

Though he has built a strong portfolio in London, Saw believes that the learning doesn’t stop. He shares that with every new salon, there are new things to observe and absorb. This is one of the reasons why Saw chose to leave the boisterous city after more than two decades and come back home to Malaysia.

Conceived on the idea to transplant the same standards and quality customers would find in London, he introduced Saw Salon in Suria KLCC in October 2004 to share his wealth of experience to the local market, while striving to become an industry leader. Its list of customers include Malaysian royalties, celebrities and socialites.

It’s not just all about hair – it’s also about creating trust and friendship with the customers.

For about a decade now, Saw Salon has risen to be the premier hair salon in the city – building trust with its customers and delivering a stellar service. Its strategic location in Suria KLCC also allows Saw and his team to interact with a wealth of clienteles – be it locals or foreigners.

The diversity of the salon’s customers sets Saw Salon apart from its competitors as they are constantly being challenged with working on different hair types and scenarios, thus honing their skills every single day.

Another unique feature that customers can look forward to would be Saw’s insistence of not putting up posters of models or runway portfolio in the salon. He believe in individuality, where he provides personalised service to each and every one of them.

In fact, it is a regular occurrence to see Saw interacting with his clients, spending his time getting to know their preference and needs. After all, for Saw Salon, it’s not just all about hair…it’s also creating trust and friendship with the customers – a belief Saw greatly lives by.

Saw’s work is regularly featured in international magazines, including Vogue, Tatler, and Harper’s Bazaar. As the man behind the brand, Saw is also often featured in the press, as his shares his thoughts on what makes for a successful hairdresser and stylist, in addition to imparting some tips and tricks to readers.

In 2015, Saw further expanded his reach with the opening of its latest Saw Salon branch in Bangsar. Taking on a familiar look and feel, the Bangsar branch features the same modern contemporary décor, sleek furnishing and over-and-beyond service as you would find in KLCC. In fact, its KLCC branch had recently undergone a facelift. Furthermore, it aims to give customers the experience of a lifetime when they have their hair done at Saw Salon – no matter which branch they pay patronage to.


1991 Schwarzkopf British Hairdressing Awards – Regional Hairdresser of the Year – Nominee

1990 Schwarzkopf British Hairdressing Awards – London Stylists of the Year – Nominee

1989 Schwarzkopf British Hairdressing Awards – London Stylists of the Year – Nominee



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